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How To Play Among Us On A PC & Mac (FREE & Quick)

In terms of popularity, Among Us is a top choice. It comes under the most popular and highest-rated family-friendly games. It is available for everyone on App Stores and you can get it easily. This is the next-level party game that has attracted many passionate gamers around the globe. Among Us is extremely fun and will make you addicted. The 4-star rating for this gaming app is jaw-dropping, especially when it is not more than two years old. Many avid gamers like to play Among Us on a PC.

Video game has become a phenomenon among those players who are into intense games. It comes with different features but do you know how to play Among Us on PC correctly? If you want to optimize your experience of Among Us on PC, then this post will be beneficial for you. Below are some good ways that you can follow for playing Among Us on PC conveniently.


Among Us: What is it All About?

Among Us is a multiplayer game that players can play online. It is manufactured by Inner sloth. Two teams can enjoy playing this game together. Moreover, the team members are divided into groups. The two teams are called the alien impostors and human crewmates. As compared to other games, Among Us is one of the most exciting games that will allow you to take different missions.

You will be required to eliminate the impostors by using the maps. Perform the given tasks and search for the impostors by exploring different places. Players can play it on various platforms. It includes PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Android. You can also play it on Xbox, Microsoft Windows, or iOS. However, many gamers want to play Among Us on PC as it allows them to play the game more conveniently


How can You Play Among Us on Your PC for Free?

Among Us is now available on different platforms. You can purchase this game directly from Steam and Xbox Store. You can use different methods and play Among Us free on PC.

So, How You Can Play Among Us without Installing Phone Mirror on Your PC?

Are you looking to install Among Us on PC without using any Bluestackes? And wanted to play on a PC without downloading? It is best to use Tenorshare Phone Mirror to play Among Us on PC. You don’t need any emulator but must have the idea to mirror an Android phone directly to your PC. You will be good to play games on PC by using the key mapping. This procedure supports both Windows and Mac. Here is how to play it on a PC with a phone mirror.

  • Start by downloading Phone Mirror to your PC. Next up is to run it and connect your device to the PC and run it.
  • Users must be aware of USB debugging and enable it. Now, you must follow the right instructions that are present on the screen. It will help you turn on the correct option on the phone
  • Enable USB debugging and connect it with your phone
  • Your PC will reflect the Android screen right away
  • Start with the mirroring appropriately
  • Download the Phone Mirror app
  • Use all the features on the keyboard
  • The mirror app will open up on your phone. Moreover, click on the Game Keyboard located on the right toolbar.
  • There is no need to open and customize any other settings. Players can now enjoy the gameplay on the bigger screen.


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How to get started Among Us on PC With BlueStacks?

Among Us belongs to the Action games that have become widely popular. The good news is that you can now play it on PC by using the BlueStacks app player. You can enjoy an amazing gaming experience by playing it on this platform. With Bluestack you can play the game using your  Wi-Fi. Team up with  15 players and work together to get things done quickly. Attack the imposters and make a plan to kill the crew members.

You can win by completing tasks and repairing your ship. You will be able to spot the monsters and hatch a plan to destroy them. Make sure to download the new update for Among Us to enjoy the best gaming experience on PC.

Explore the map to complete the tasks and objectives. This will allow you to earn achievements.  Play your favorite game on PC or mobile. You do not even need to download it. With just a few clicks you can play the game instantly. Follow the steps to play Among Us on PC by using BlueStack:

  • Download BlueStacks
  • Open the Play Store
  • Enter details to complete the sign-in process
  • Look for Among Us
  • Install the game.
  • Choose the game icon on the home screen and start the game.


How To Play Among Us Game on A Computer?

Playing Among Us on a computer is a good choice. You just need to follow some easy steps. The first thing is to download the game from your favorite apps. If you have MS windows already, you are good to go. You can also check out some alternative ways to download all your apps on different operating systems.

1. Linux

Unfortunately, ‘Among Us’ doesn’t have a supportive platform on Linux. Users can try out the following steps to play it there:

  • Install Steam and run it carefully
  • Enable steam by launching it in your app or a new account
  • Scroll down towards the settings
  • In the settings menu choose to select ‘Steam Play. Look for it on the left corner
  • Under these settings click on ‘Enable Steam Play’
  • There are other settings in the advanced section that features ‘Enable steam’ for all titles
  • Press on the ‘ok’ button
  • Change your settings according to the game requirements
  • Find the ‘store’ button
  • Look for ‘Among US’ in the search box
  • Move towards the storefront page for choosing this game
  • ‘Add to cart’ by hitting the green button
  • Follow these prompts and complete the purchase of ‘Among Us’
  • When you press the ‘library’ button it will open up the gaming library
  • Right-click on the available tile of the game from the sidebar
  • Players need to move to the properties and ‘set launch options
  • All you need is to press and save the changes
  • Wait for a few minutes to install
  • Launch the game

2. Chrome Book

If you use Chromebook it turns out to be an easy way to play ‘Among Us’. It is necessary to have Play Store Support to get the best results.

  • Enable Android apps or simply go to the ‘settings’. Open the Google Play Store
  • Search for ‘Among Us’ in the search box
  • Install the game first and launch it
  • Open the game as it will available either in your App drawer or Play Store

3. PC

Among Us on Windows PC is so much easier like never before. You just have to buy the game. It is available on the Microsoft store or Steam Store. It will not cost more than $5 no matter what platform you are trying to choose. After purchasing the game, you just have to install it on your computer. Open the game and start playing.

If you own an Xbox Game Pass then you don’t have to invest money in buying the game. It is free for all the people who have an XBOX Game pass subscription. Simply download the game on your computer and launch it conveniently for play.


How You Can Play Among Us on MAC?

Playing ‘Among Us’ on MAC is simple. Almost all the MAC versions support the game. The models that allow you to play the game include the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, and M1 Mac Mini. The gamers who have one of these versions just have to look for Among Us on the MAC app store. You can start looking for the game and download it carefully. Other MAC users can follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Android Emulators

Android emulators can be the best choice if you are not using Windows. If you just want to play ‘Among Us’ simply scroll down the Android Emulator section. You can get all the detailed instructions about using the Emulators and play the game.

2. Installing Windows via Boot camp assistant

  • Go to the Microsoft official source page
  • Download the ISO file if you are using Windows 10
  • Launch ‘Boot Camp Assistant’ along with the folder and spotlight search
  • Download and Install windows
  • Players can verify ISO file location or choose a USB Stick
  • Follow all the instructions for downloading
  • Launch the steam app directly from the official steam website


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Playing ‘Among Us’ on your mobile device seems to be a convenient choice. However, it doesn’t offer the comforts of a computer. It is a great idea to follow and use any of the listed methods above. Which method you would pick? make sure to let us know or contact us.

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